• ERP Implementation

What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)?

                        Clear insight and action in every area of your enterprise

The challenges companies face today are significant and expansive. In every area of your enterprise you seek opportunities to lower costs, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage. Leaders in all industries succeed in addressing these priorities simultaneously.

With the proper enterprise software in place, your ability to compete in today’s business environment improves significantly. ERP software enables you to achieve process excellence across all lines of business of your enterprise. You can coordinate the benefits of ERP software around groups of processes or value scenarios. These value scenarios are proven business practices and end-to-end processes focusing on strategic outcomes to develop the best-run businesses of the world.

You can implement ERP solutions in a modular fashion, focusing only on what you need. As your business needs evolve, you can manage future improvements to the software without expensive upgrades – reducing costs and accelerating your ability to take action and execute strategy.

Modular approach offers flexibility
  • Finance – Automate time-consuming tasks – and outperform the competition in controlling risk and streamlining financial reporting and compliance.
  • Human Resources – Attract top talent and manage a borderless global workforce that extends beyond your company, region, and industry boundaries.
  • Information Technology – Streamline operations and facilitate innovation across the company.
  • Sustainability – Manage sustainable operations, while achieving new levels of business process excellence.
  • Product Development – Foster continuous innovation and deliver the right products and services faster with superior quality and at competitive prices.
  • Operations – Deliver products and services more profitably at the right cost, quality, quantity, date, and location.
  • Supply Chain – Respond better to dynamic market conditions across my business network to maximize profitability.
  • Manufacturing – Anticipate change, improve flexibility and ensure high-performing assets.
  • Sales – Maximize revenues in every selling opportunity and develop a long-term relationship with customers.
  • Marketing – Coordinate efforts that result in effective marketing campaigns, profitable promotions, and satisfied customers.
  • Service – Gain competitive advantage through superior and differentiated customer service.

ERP business benefits

Your company and employees can gain these and additional benefits using ERP applications:

  • Enhanced visibility, insight, and decision making – ERP applications help you improve visibility into operations and provide one version of business information for improved decision making. By connecting operations with strategy, your company can create and align plans, budgets, and operational reports across organizations and for all business processes.
  • Improved efficiency across mission-critical processes – With extended end-to-end processes, ERP applications can help you increase process integrity and increase business and IT efficiency. The applications encourage collaboration within and across company boundaries, so you can use supply chain and sales information from suppliers, distributors, retailers, and customers to improve operations.
  • Increased flexibility for innovation and expansion – ERP applications are service-enabled. That means you can innovate and add functionality to the software as needed. Enhancement packages replace upgrades to help you innovate and expand without disrupting business. You can compose and design new processes, implement individual applications according to budget and scope, and integrate solutions that address niche needs.

  • Proven, comprehensive support for a long-term competitive edge – Scheema in association with its preferred suppliers are committed to continually enhancing the applications in the ERP applications so that they remain the ideal choices for maintaining competitive agility, and attaining operational excellence for large and midsize organizations. Drawing on decades of real-world experiences across a wide range of industries, the applications can help you create a highly responsive enterprise that flexibly addresses new marketplace demands, satisfies your customer base, and maintains your competitive advantage over the long term.

Scheema and implementation of your ERP solutions

As qualified ERP Consultant, Scheema can assist your company to make the right decisions with regards to ERP modules for your company, and can guide the process the solutions on a company-wide basis.

Scheema can support your organization to achieve financial and operational excellence. Strategic IT. Superior customer value.

You need solutions that support your strategic initiatives, address your business and industry needs, and represent the goals your company wants to achieve. In choosing Scheema, you acquire end-to-end solutions, not just features and functions.

Scheema provides a path to help you move from strategy to outcomes, from concept to execution.

We will work closely with you to help you generate exceptional value by addressing your strategic and performance needs, by helping your staff expand their competencies, and by providing your organization with the expert guidance that can propel its continuous success.

Supporting your business centers with expert guidance

  • Finance – Use ERP solutions to comply with industry and government regulations; work with Scheema to manage risk, monitor enterprise performance – and achieve financial excellence throughout your organization.
  • Information technology – Do more than simply implement innovative technologies: Realize business value from your IT investments. Under the guidance of Scheema, your business and IT units can collaborate more often and more effectively to realize your strategic IT initiatives.
  • Operations – Improve your business processes, continuously. Scheema can help you develop and adopt processes that support your efforts to increase efficiency and achieve operational excellence – in all aspects of your operations.
  • Sales and Marketing – Scheema can help you develop and implement the customer-centric business strategies that support your efforts to stay one step ahead of your competitors – and deliver superior customer value throughout the entire sales and marketing experience.