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Cyber Securities

Before the attack
1. Build an effective team. Make it a priority to continually develop and grow your security team by understanding their skills, identifying gaps, and training them in realistic scenarios. The security plan is nothing without a solid team behind it.
2. Build a secure network architecture with OS hardening
·  Anti-Virus
·  Firewall
·  WiFi security
·  Vulnerability Assessment
·  SIEM Consulting
·  DLP Consulting
During the attack
Using experts. This stage is tricky because you need to move quickly in order not to lose any data, for later research. At the same time you can't afford mistakes, sometimes your hard drive as been encrypted and you can't access very sensitive information.
After the attack
1. Analyse. Find how it happen and what information was compromised.  
2. Get back to work. Deal with any infected devices and move on.

3. Improve. Learn from your mistakes.

Penetration Testing
Are you secured?
The primary objective for a network penetration test is to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in networks, systems, hosts and network devices before hackers are able to discover and exploit them.
During Penetration Assessments, we will attempt to breach the organization without an unauthorized user, with the ultimate goal of compromising your networks and data.
We also perform a number of different kinds of penetration tests aimed at exploiting weaknesses in: 
​- Internal Network
- External Network
-  Web Application systems
-   Mobile Applications
-- WiFi systems