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Easy Bankcore

EasyBankCore™ is a set of robust functional component that support a wide range of business function within the co-operative and micro-financial banking environment.

Benefits of EasyBankCore™ (Core Banking Solutions)

  • Integrated modularity: unlike dispersed legacy systems Unified data is available at the right time with the flexibility to choose the optimum set of functional modules.
  • Universal banking: gain complete support for retail, commercial, and investment banking.
  • Multi-channel seamless delivery: deliver non-stop services for all transactions through multiple delivery channels.
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO): achieve low cost and high performance on an open platform that uses industry-standard and off-the-shelf components.
  • Enhanced customer relationships: improve both customer service and retention.

  • Enhanced Scalability: by adopting new technologies and standards, co-operative banks can adopt to any existing/new RBI guideline quickly with existing personnel with the help of software application.
    Core banking applications (retail, corporate), delivery channels (ATM, mobile, telephone, Internet, call centre), peripheral applications (credit and market risk, anti-money laundering, treasury, regulatory reporting, cash management, data warehouse, customer relationship management, document management), and transaction switching offers bank to integrate with these multi-delivery channels with ease.
  • Secured Data: by switching to new 4GL RDBMS and technologies banks have more Robust, high-availability IT infrastructure with minimum disruption to business.